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Gravel is a tricky surface to maintain. But in order to keep it looking attractive, weeds must be removed regularly and good drainage should be encouraged by de-compacting the stones and bringing them back to the surface. This will ensure the longevity of the surface as well as the safety of users. Doing even small areas by hand can be pretty challenging, let alone a large area.

There are two main tools we can use for these jobs.

The Weed burner is a great tool for weeding gravel surfaces. It will destroy the plant, and is a relatively quick method. The weed burner can be powered by machines with quite low horsepower such as the K-series range of two wheel tractors from Kersten. Or even on a push along chassis.

Using propane gas, it works by heating the plant. When the plant reaches around 70 degrees, the proteins congeal and the plant wilts and dies.

The alternative method is with a gravel path renovator. This requires much more power to operate, and therefore a larger tool carrier, which is more expensive. But it can de-compact the stones as well as remove the weeds by the root. Even perennial weeds will be taken out in one pass.

Before (left) and after

It works with a set of specially designed cutting knives, which cut under the root and lift the plant to the surface. At the same time, it lifts the stones back to the surface, allowing proper drainage and surface structure.

Kersten offer both solutions as attachments for our pedestrian range of machines and also as attachments for many types of tractor.

All our attachments are sold and backed up by our UK dealer network and a free demonstration is available on request.

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