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8164.jpgBritish Seed Houses' nutrients partner Compo has introduced two exciting new fertilisers, designed to help turf managers produce top quality sports surfaces.

Harnessing the power of the sea, the Vitanica range will appeal to groundsmen and greenkeepers who are interested in using biological products as biostimulants in the fertiliser schedule, but also offers significant health benefits for the sward.

Based on the seaweed Kelp, Vitanica provides a balanced formula of macro and micronutrients for foliar application. Kelp seaweed extracts are a natural source of nitrogen, providing the phytohormones Auxin and Cytokinin to encourage root development, for better root density and deeper rooting.

Turf gains impressive vitality with improved photosynthesis and greater tolerance to stress, helping greens or pitches cope with low cutting, drought and pH changes.

Two versions will be available. Vitanica P3 is an organo-mineralic NK-fertiliser with trace elements which offers greater resistance against fungal diseases. It is ideal for golf greens and high profile pitches such as football stadia.

Vitanica MC is an excellent all round NPK fertiliser with trace elements, providing higher plant vitality and better greening of turf. It is perfect for hard working turf which is also required to look good year round.

For a fast and reliable cure for iron deficiency in turf, Ferro Top fluid is an ideal mix for the immediate formation of plant enzymes and proteins which are responsible for photosynthesis and respiration.

This concentrated iron fertiliser also includes nitrogen, sulphur and trace elements. It offers improvement of turf resistance against wear and moss growth and its effects are incredibly rapid. In just one day, turf looks healthier and greener, with better stress tolerance.

Suitable for all season use on sports fields, greens and tees, Ferro Top boosts energy efficiency and formation of chlorophyll, giving a quick greening effect without growth flushes.

Ferro Top can be conveniently and effectively used in a tank mix with Vitanica; use of Kick wetting agent is optional, and proportions are recommended to suit requirements from a simple vitality and colour boost to a powerful anti-disease cocktail. An application rate of 800-1000 litres/ha is recommended.

Once again British Seed Houses has come up with innovative fertiliser solutions to meet the needs of turf professionals aiming to produce top quality turf.

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