Greenkeeper Salary scales 2006

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Greenkeeper Salary scales 2006

Press Release


Below are ten recommendations regarding pay awards for Greenkeepers, see link to access CGCS Salary scales.

The Committee for Golf Club Salaries recommend that:

a. All Greenkeepers be paid a salary based on the Recommendations. Recommended salaries are based on the total package that includes housing, car, phone, pension etc, where appropriate.

b. The increase from the 2005 rates is based on the June 2005 Average Earning Index (AEI) rate of 4% as shown in the National Press and on the internet site of the Office for National Statistics (

c. All Greenkeeping staff over the age of 18 should be given access to a pension fund. It is recommended that each individual contributes a minimum of 3% of salary. It is also recommended that golf clubs contribute a minimum of 5%.

d. All Greenkeepers entering the industry should be given training to achieve a minimum of Level 2 N/SVQ Sportsturf.

e. All golf clubs should comply with Health and Safety requirements, including maximum working hours and all other Employment Regulations e.g. minimum national wage.

f. Salary scales are based on a 40 hour week.

g. Overtime should be paid to Greenkeeping staff at time and a half for Saturdays and double time for Sundays and Bank Holidays. Alternatively, time off should be given in lieu.

h. Golf course managers, and their deputies should be part of the management structure of a club and should be given time off in lieu as appropriate for any overtime worked.

i. All Greenkeepers should be insured against death in service.

j. Greenkeepers should be encouraged to continue to develop their skills and knowledge, as appropriate. Clubs should pay BIGGA membership subscriptions for all Greenkeepers. Course managers employing trainee staff should be encouraged to train for A1 assessor award and L12 training award.

Information kindly supplied from BIGGA / CGCS

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