Greenkeepers Training Committee releases revised Level 3 Learning Materials

Karl Hansellin Training & Education

The Advanced Golf Greenkeeper Learning Materials, developed for the Level 3 Apprenticeship, are now available for golf clubs and individuals to purchase from the Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC).

Members of the GTC board, pictured in 2019, regularly meet to discuss ways to improve greenkeeper education

These best practice learning materials, compiled by industry specialists, are based upon principles and practices for advanced golf course maintenance and management.

Originally compiled to provide the underpinning knowledge for the Level 3 qualification, the GTC Board of Directors and the Employer Group have championed the revision of the copyright Learning Materials. Divided into 10 chapters, they cover best practices including health and safety, advanced golf course preparation and maintenance, construction of golf course features, environmental management, finance and project management.

All GTC-BIGGA Approved Training Providers will receive a copy of the Learning Materials, for use with all greenkeeping students on the advanced greenkeeping courses.

The 392-page publication is now available in digital format from the GTC shop. Visit:

GTC Learning and Development Executive, Fiona Lyttle, said: "We are incredibly proud to present the revised Level 3 Learning Materials. After recently reviewing and updating the Level 2 Learning Materials, it became necessary to develop materials appropriate for students learning at the higher level. The Level 3 qualification now incorporates more knowledge and skills that are required at a supervisory level. These materials home in on the knowledge required and how to deliver those skills. The GTC has ensured the Learning Materials are suitable for everyone, from apprentices to golf course managers, with all subjects comprehensively covered."

The GTC is supported by England Golf, Scottish Golf, Wales Golf, The PGA and BIGGA.

For further information on the GTC's Learning Materials, contact Fiona Lyttle on 01347 838 640 or