Greens rolling and topdessing feature on the Charterhouse BTME stand

Louise Prettymanin Machinery & Mechanics

The highlight for Charterhouse Turf Machinery at BTME 2017 was the launch of a new turf roller from Graden. The new Graden Z2R (Zero to Roll) is a stand-alone unit that requires no trailer and no unhooking. It is designed for efficient rolling and, being fitted with 3 wheels which can be raised and lowered as required, quick and easy transportation between the greens.

The Z2R uses zero turn technology to propel the unit forward providing a travel speed of up to 11mph from green to green, and 8.5mph whilst rolling. The Graden Flex system provides a constant positive pressure across all rollers whilst keeping a relatively low PSI on the greens. With the rollers conforming to the contours of the green, a great finish is achieved, even on surfaces where big elevation changes occur.

One of the biggest benefits is the reduction in manual handling. Being self-contained results in no lifting, hitching or positioning eliminating a lot of the issues relating to health & safety as well as making the whole process much quicker. It also frees up the utility vehicle that would usually be required to conduct the rolling, making it available for other essential tasks around the course. It has a large fuel capacity of 28 litres which should comfortably manage around 26 large greens without the need to carry additional fuel. Because of this, the Z2R features a utility tray which can carry a hole cutter and other associated kit.

A highlight of stand B48 was the popular DS800 Rink top dresser from the Redexim stable. Available in both trailed and mounted formats, the DS800 has a 0.8m3 hopper and offers a spreading width of up to 12m and a thickness of up to 15mm. At Stornoway Golf Club on the Isle of Lewis Head Greenkeeper Alasdair Macleod purchased a Rink DS800 to mount on their John Deere Progator. "Prior to this purchase, topdressing was done manually which was a timely exercise with just myself and one other on my team. The Rink is easy to use and we can cover all the greens and get the job done with just two passes."