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GreenTek, world leaders in greens mower attachments, offer an extensive range of specialised brushes for both natural and synthetic turf.

Whether you are brushing in topdressing on golf greens, dispersing dew on fairways or striping a football pitch for pre-match presentation, GreenTek has the ideal brush for you.

If you maintain a synthetic pitch, GreenTek offer the Greens Groomer with a special adjustable rake attachment for keeping 3G pitches in peak condition.

GreenTek products help maintain high performing, healthy turf, making greenkeeping and groundcare tasks simpler, quicker and easier than ever before.

Let's take a closer look…


Greens Groomer is the easy way to get your greens, grass pitches and synthetic surfaces back in play quickly.

The Greens Groomer's patented 'quadruple zig-zag' brush pattern gives unrivalled sand dispersion and topdressing performance.

The big benefit of the Greens Groomer is that instead of rubbing in the topdressing like conventional metal drag mats, the Greens Groomer's brush bristles work the topdressing down between the grass blades, right down to the surface.

This method prevents scraping of topdressing, multiple passes and damage to the turf.

CLICK HERE to watch the Greens Groomer video.

  • Working width 1.8m (optional extension wings give a huge 3.6m working width!)
  • Length 1.2m (4 rows of angled brushes)
  • Weight 118kg (electric lift version)
  • Available with electric wheel lift or 3pt mounted for compact tractors
  • Soft or firm brushes available to suit different job applications
  • Full range of synthetic turf management attachments available


Take your brushing to the max with Maxi-Brush - a triple section 5.4 metre wide brush that is popular for maintaining both natural and synthetic sports pitches.

Ideal for creating beautiful stripes, grooming before mowing and dispersing worm casts and grass clippings, Maxi-Brush can quickly and easily be reconfigured to a 1.8 metre 6 row brush, offering great versatility for your maintenance work.

Using Maxi-Brush for the brushing of dew is simple and allows you to follow up the brushing with your mower to leave an evenly dispersed cut, without clumps of wet clippings everywhere. This method will help to prevent fungal diseases such as fusarium.

The standard firm blue brush is ideal for golf courses and sportsground operations.

CLICK HERE to watch the Maxi-Brush video.

  • Working Width 5.4m
  • Weight 150kg
  • 6 rows of bristles quickly brush-in topdressing
  • Economical and versatile
  • For grass and synthetic turf


Multi-Brush is the ultimate solution for brushing in topdressing or dispersing dew.

Similar to Maxi-Brush, with a large working width of 5.4 metres, Multi-Brush differs in that it features double jointed lift arms and three independently floating heads.

This makes Multi-Brush a unique brushing solution for golf courses, where it will follow over any undulations with ease and accuracy.

One brush will service endless applications, and as such it is also well suited to maintain school grounds, parks and sports pitches alike.

Once you have finished using the Multi-Brush, you can simply fold away the brushes with the hydraulic arms, all from the comfort of your tractor seat!

CLICK HERE to watch the Multi-Brush video.

  • Working width 5.4m or when folded 1.8m
  • Transport width 2.1m
  • Weight 240kg
  • Category 1 linkage or can be used on golf course utility vehicles
  • Multiple pivot points and unique flotation system accurately follows ground contours


The economical 8 Foot Greens Brush is a great value budget brush that can quickly and efficiently disperse dew or brush-in light topdressing.

Complete with category 1 fittings, the Greens Brush is suitable for compact tractors and has an optional spring loaded adaptor to fit on Cushman Truckster's.

Its polypropylene fibre bristles provide tough, long lasting working components, which are easy to replace.

CLICK HERE to watch the 8 Foot Greens Groomer video.

  • Ideal for year round maintenance
  • Large 2.4 metre working width
  • Can be used on a variety of pitches
  • Category 1 fittings

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All GreenTek products are covered by at least a 2 years parts and labour warranty for commercial use and 3 months warranty for hire use.

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