Greetham Valley GC gives Toro the Thumbs-up

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Greetham Valley GCAdrian Porter, course manager at 45-hole Greetham Valley Golf, Hotel and Conference Centre in Rutland, remains one of Toro and distributor Lely UK's loyal customers after replacing the club's six-year-old Reelmaster 5610-D mower with the latest version of the model.

Cutting 36 holes a day across Greetham Valley's three courses, the Reelmaster remained unbeatable for productivity and value for money. As Adrian comments: "We tested competitor mowers when choosing to replace the old 5610-D, but none of the staff preferred any of them to the Toro."

Robust, reliable and featuring a powerful 44.2hp four-cylinder Kubota turbo diesel engine, Adrian has found the Reelmaster 5610-D productive and dependable. "In normal ground conditions the mower is out four days a week at least. We cross-cut the fairways, too, which is more time-consuming, but we still manage to get it done in those four days. It leaves a lovely clean cut with no dropped clippings, plus I can't recall any downtime aside from general maintenance and servicing."

The Reelmaster also comes fitted with Toro's EdgeMax blades as standard. Strengthened with hardened steel, EdgeMax blades stay sharper for longer, resulting in a cleaner, crisper cut for healthier turf and a superb after-cut appearance. What's more, they last up to three times longer, reducing parts costs and maintenance time - something Adrian has experienced: "We've only had to replace our EdgeMax blades once in the six years we had our old Reelmaster. That's certainly saved us money."

The club recently took delivery of another Toro favourite - a MultiPro 5800-D. This accurate 300-gallon dedicated sprayer also clearly outshone competitors, as Adrian concludes. "We had a demount sprayer on a Workman utility vehicle, but it was pretty much on there all the time, so I thought it was time we looked at a dedicated Toro model. In demos it was by far and away the best."

For more information on Toro machinery, contact local dealers. Alternatively, call Lely UK on 01480 226800, email or visit

Image: Greetham Valley course manager Adrian Porter, left, and Lely's Andy Humble, with the greenkeeping team and their new Toro machinery.

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