Greg speaks at GCSAI Turfcare Conference

Greg Evansin Golf

Greg EvansOver 200 greenkeepers from across Ireland and Europe gathered at Knightsbrook Golf Resort in County Meath to listen to Greg Evans MG speak about his greens management programme that has been the talk of the turf industry for the past several seasons.

Greg spoke about how he has successfully implemented an aggressive programme on both newly constructed greens and the old, clay based Poa dominated surfaces that the vast majority of greenkeepers manage across Europe. In the audience were representatives from the Swedish Association, the National Association of Britain (BIGGA) and Europe (FEGGA).

The speakers rgbAlso speaking at the conference was the legendary American speaker, Dr James Beard. Dr Beard spoke about the past, present and future of turf maintenance. At the end of their talks, Dr Beard and Greg took questions from the floor on topics such as the highly controversial low cutting height that Greg recommends, to the roles GPRs play in turfgrass maintenance.

Greg's company gives practical advice to golf clubs who want top quality playing surfaces on economical budgets.

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