Groundsman Industries BTME Red Zone 240

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Established in 1990, Groundsman Industries, based in N. Ireland, specialise in the Design and Manufacture of Turf/Sod Cutters, Turf Aerators, Core and Linear Aeration Soil Collectors distributing around the world.

Groundsman two and four-wheel drive Turf/Sod Multi Cutter range deliver exceptional sod-cutting ability in all conditions. These versatile machines can be fitted with sod blades 30cm to 60cm wide cutting 1cm to 7cm thick plus Trench, De-compaction and Mole-drain blades to 13cm depth. A guillotine Attachment is available to measure and cut the turf to length.

Groundsman Pedestrian and Tractor Mounting Aerators 45cm to 180cm wide all use Groundsman's proven Elliptical Plunge Action mechanism for aeration to 15cm deep. Quick-change Tine Holders for Solid, Hollow and Chisel Tines plus Cluster Heads for dense pattern aeration and seeding.

Groundsman Flexblade Collectors 0.8m to 2.3m wide for Aerator Attachment to Core and Collect as well as Compact Tractor Mounting for Follow-up Collection of Cores and Linear Aeration Soil.

BTME Red Zone 240