Groundsman TCDRB Turf Cutter gains popularity

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DRB (9).JPGThe extremely successful TCDRB is one of three models of Turf multi Cutters manufactured by Groundsman Industries. The TCDRB four wheel drive Turf Multi Cutter was launched by Groundsman two years ago and is continuing to gain popularity across a wide cross section of customers. The TCDRB is a rear blade machine designed for the professional who wants to cut and relay turf such as Golf Clubs and Turf Farms.

The rear blade mounting position behind the rear axle give this machine the ability to perform not only the traditional turf cutting in 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch widths but also a central mounting for de-compaction and mole drainage blade to 5 inch depth. Turf Multi Cutter. The machine's success is based on performance, reliability and operator comfort, hand-arm vibration levels having been heavily addressed during the design stages and Groundsman boast the lowest levels of all the machines tested.TCSRB Brochure Pic 12.jpg

These qualities and a high traction cutting ability in all conditions are rocketing sales of this unit throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany and further a-field in Europe, the Baltic States and the Middle East. The success of this patented product against worldwide competitors is encouraging and has not only boosted our sales turnover but also our confidence in our abilities to develop products which can compete on a world stage.

Groundsman Industries design, manufacture and market their own products and hold many patents worldwide. All Groundsman products are covered by a 24 month factory warranty. For more information on Groundsman Turf Cutter, Turf Aerator and Soil / Core Collector products please visit

The website is easy to navigate and you can browse through an abundance of information or download PDF brochures and short video clips of the machines working.

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