Growing wild at The Belfry

Richard Owensin Conservation & Ecology

The Belfry in Warwickshire has long been known for the outstanding presentation of its three golf courses and, of course, will be forever known for witnessing some of the most iconic moments in European Ryder Cup History. Who could ever forget Sam Torrance's match winning putt across the eighteenth green in 1985 and, of course, the late Christy O'Connor's majestic two iron to see off Freddie Couples in 1989. Moments to be cherished indeed.

However, did you know that The Belfry has recently undergone further development to its first class accommodation, not for the many visiting golfers or business travellers, but to create a safe haven for the many creatures great and small that reside on site.

Led by Director of Golf Courses Angus Macleod, the team have embarked on the creation of a superb outdoor woodland education area, providing diverse range of homes for everything from minibeasts to hedgehogs.

Several bird boxes have also been put up, with some species, including Great Spotted Woodpeckers, taking advantage of some of the opportunities already on site. PGA National greenkeeper Matt Whittock has been involved with the project from the beginning and is always looking for new opportunities to develop the area.

Matt says "It's been a real privilege for me to be involved in such a worthwhile project. Everything we have created has been done using on site materials, whether it be seating, shelters or the wildlife homes themselves. Child friendly signage has also been added to explain the benefits of the homes and the wildlife we hope to attract. We're all very proud of what we have created"

Angus added; "It's really important that we educate our children about nature and the environment, but equally important that they have fun doing it. Hopefully, what we have created here at The Belfry provides that very opportunity amongst the day to day commercial operations."