Growth Stimulants: Facts and Fallacies

Martyn Jonesin Training & Education

Growth Stimulants: Facts and Fallacies

By Martyn Jones

Are you sometimes confused by the varied claims made by suppliers of growth stimulants, Biostimulants, soil conditioners, nutritional additives, and so on? If so, the National Turfgrass Foundation 'In Pursuit of Excellence' Conference 2005 will help you unravel some of the mysteries and help you separate the facts from the fallacies of such products.

Some miraculous claims will be discredited, whilst some benefits may come as a surprise. From seaweed extracts to Biostimulants; from composts to humic acids; from the genuine to snake-oils; there will be frank and informative presentations that put many of these products into perspective.

The NTF Conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Blackpool from 5th to 8th December 2005. For further information, a Conference brochure, and registration form, simply contact or speak to Martyn or Louise on 01995 670675 or 07887578807.

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