GSB Loams deliver to your doorstep

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GSB Loams delivering to your doorstep

In ten years of supplying loams and top dressings to various clients all over the UK GSB Loams have prided themselves on delivering to order and on time.

General manager David Goodjohn noticed however that many smaller but valued customers were having difficulty getting delivery right to their door with a suitably compact vehicle that could bring loads in bulk or on pallets.

With this in mind GSB Loams decided to invest in a M A N tipper vehicle and orders have gone through the roof for this delivery service in Autumn 2004.

'We're delivering pallets, bulk loads, small deliveries of fertiliser, you name it' and what's more the truck proves invaluable in towing the trailer laden with tractor, scarifyer and other renovation attachments for end of season cricket and bowls renovation works that GSB Loams have been turning their hand to lately.

With all the materials to hand for Cricket (GSB Kettering, Club and County Loams, Mini Granular Fertiliser and STRI recognised Grass Seed cultivars) and Bowls (70/30 Sand/Loam mixes, plus any other ratio to order) all available in house and kept in peak condition under cover, GSB Loams are in pole position to keep costs down to a competitive level rather than having to outsource materials.

Despite sales rising to record levels for the fifth consecutive year GSB Loams are still happy to help out new customers, whether it be 20 tonnes of Top Dressing or ten bags of Cricket Loam.

'We always find that if you want the custom you have to give the best service as standard' says David Goodjohn, 'every Groundsman or Greenkeeper has to start somewhere, but from little acorns oak trees grow'.

GSB Loams Ltd have recently had excellent test results back from the STRI which showed their Club Loam fitting the IOG specification for grading, binding strength and organic content.

If you would like more information about GSB Loams Ltd Kettering's range of products and services go to or call them on 01536 791155, a friendly voice will always be glad to give help and advice.

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