Gullane GC returns to Toro Greensmowers for a precise finish on greens and tees

Rosie Duckworthin Golf

Gullane Golf Club in East Lothian Scotland has returned to Toro's greensmowers. The club has recently purchased four Toro Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid 3420 riding machines, putting its trust back in Toro for all its greens mowing.

PR4202 Gullane GC
Gullane is a private members' club with three classic links courses. The three courses are all 18-holes and are known simply by number. No.1 has just been announced as the venue for the 2015 Scottish Open, highlighting the standard of the course. The TriFlex 3420s have been purchased mainly for Course No.1 and Course No.2, to tackle the predominantly bent and fescue grass on both. Another has just been ordered for the No.3 course.

Stewart Duff, course manager, says: "I'd used Toro greensmowers before and they've always impressed me. We have looked at other brands but have returned to Toro, who we trust to do the job."

The TriFlex Hybrid is a popular Toro machine thanks to its 'green' credentials, harnessing hybrid technology to improve cutting performance via electrically-driven cutting units. And while this feature is seen as impressive in its own right, the machine is acknowledged as a superb greensmower, too, to which Stewart attests.

He says: "The TriFlex 3420 is a fantastic machine, which guarantees a fine cut whatever height we're cutting to, which in growing season is 4mm and in winter is 5-5.5mm. They make life easier, too, and have speeded up our cutting procedure. Features like the self-lubricating bearings and quick change lever mechanism for changing over the cutting units has made the daily task of mowing a lot quicker.

"We use two different cylinders on our four machines to achieve a precise finish on different areas of each course. We use the 8-blade cylinder for the approaches and tees and the 11-blade cylinder for a smooth finish on the greens."

The beauty of Gullane Golf Course is widely acclaimed with articles written in magazines and books claiming it 'one of the most beautiful spots in the world'. It's also said to be blessed with the most 'exquisite' turf, a legacy to be long continued with Toro greensmowers firmly back in the frame.

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