Harvesters FC: Transforming their local community with the help of the Football Foundation

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Set up in 1987 by club President Margaret Southgate, Harvesters was born from a passion for the grassroots game and a desire to create a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for children to play football - a foundation which continues to permeate everything the club does today. At the heart of this is the club's all-weather pitch which was built thanks to a £221,250 grant from the Premier League, The FA and the Government's Football Foundation.

The pitch was formally opened in 2003 by Lee Dixon. With hard work and dedication from club volunteers, Harvesters have built a financially sustainable model, centred around their facility, to ensure the club's future. Since their initial grant, Harvesters have twice self-funded the replacement of their artificial surface so the local community can benefit from the highest standard of pitch.

And it's not simply about delivering top class facilities. It's the impact these facilities have. Creating safe and inclusive places where local people can engage in sport and other activities brings about more than physical health benefits; increased confidence, improved mental health and a sense of belonging are just some of the many ways facilities transform lives and strengthen communities.

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