Heat pumps provide a level playing field for community pavillion

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The community of Winterton in North Lincolnshire is feeling the benefits of sustainable energy, thanks to two innovative ground source heat pumps from Danfoss that have been installed by Pure Renewables at a local sports and community club.

Two Danfoss DHP-R commercial ground source heat pumps have been installed at the new community pavilion built for Winterton Town Council.

The heat pumps have an output of 26kW and supply space heating to the 576m2 sports pavilion via an underfloor heating system, as well as supplying a 1000 litre hot water tank for 16 showers.

The Danfoss heat pumps were specified by architects Palmleaf Design Ltd. to provide a sustainable means of heating the spacious clubhouse which is expected to save the club up to 50% on their heating bills and protect it from future price increases, helping to provide financial stability.

The club was also keen to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations and find a way to encourage the wider community to consider sustainable energy solutions.

Councillor Don Johnson at Winterton Town Council said: "As a community organisation it's vital for us to find sustainable and cost-effective ways to operate so that we can continue to deliver our service to the community.

We were aware of the expense involved with connecting the building up to the gas grid, so instead we decided to make use of the large amounts of the land we have onsite to provide sufficient heating and hot water to the sports club via two ground source heat pumps.

In fact, the choice to install ground source heat pumps helped us to secure valuable funding, including a grant from Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (WREN) which covered the cost of the installation."

Don added: "We have been delighted with the performance of the heat pumps so far and we've been amazed with how well the ground loops work underneath the football pitches, in fact most people don't even realise they're there!"

The new community pavilion was officially opened by Graham Taylor, ex-England Manager, at a special event held on 21st October.

During the event, installation company Pure Renewables had the opportunity to demonstrate the heat pumps to local residents and businesses, highlighting the benefits of heat pump technology for both commercial and domestic applications.

Richard Likupe Director and Project Architect at Palmleaf Design explained: "Since Winterton Town Council has over 10 acres of playing fields, we recommended a ground source heat pump as an affordable and sustainable way of supplying heating and hot water to the pavilion.

We're delighted with the outcome as the heat pumps are working extremely efficiently and there has been very little disturbance to the football pitches where the loops were laid, meaning that members of the sports club have been able to continue using the facilities as normal."

Pure Renewables installed 2km of ground loop, which supplies the heat pump, in a horizontal configuration underneath the sports club's football pitches.

The DHP-R is one of an exciting new range of commercial ground source heat pumps launched by Danfoss Ltd. to meet the needs of clients with a larger than average requirement for space and water heating, and cooling.

Chris Dale, Director of Danfoss Ltd, said: "We are seeing increasing demand from businesses who are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon emissions and keep their overheads to a minimum.

It is fantastic to see the local community of Winterton benefitting from a valuable new facility which will be able to continue delivering its services for years to come thanks, in part, to the ground source heat pumps."

The DHP-R is available with a heating capacity of 21kW - 42kW, and uses an innovative climatic control system to respond to outdoor conditions in order to provide a constant room temperature.

Danfoss Ltd. has extensive experience in the manufacture of heat pump systems for homes, schools, community buildings, developers, local authorities, housing associations and self builders.

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