Heavy duty debut for latest Verti-drain

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Heavy duty debut for latest Verti-drain

By Carol Dutton


Charterhouse's newest verti-drain, the heavy duty 2.6 has made its debut this spring at Oakdale golf course in Harrogate. The proud possession of Mike Seward, MD of Wigginton based Seward Turf Maintenance, the machine, which is the only one of its kind in the country, has been treating 11 fairways on this predominantly parkland course.

Mike Foster who has been at Oakdale for 25 yrs and Course Manager for the last 16, says the underlying soil structure on the 91-year-old course is predominantly clay and stone.

"We needed to do something as the fairways were very panned and root growth was non existent in places," he explains. "Tony Baxby (head greenkeeper) at Harrogate Golf Course recommended Seward and we had them in initially, just before Christmas. In the eighties, the council owned the land and took some of it for new housing. They gave us 7 new holes but put in agricultural drainage, which at 3 ½ ft was too deep. The water was not getting through and not getting away. Treatment with the verti-drain helps break up the soil and improves drainage."

Mike Seward, who this time round put his latest verti-drain behind his Valtra 95 tractor, says that the company needed a heavy-duty machine, especially for contracts like Oakdale.

"We've got two Charterhouse 2.5 metre machines but they are both 8 yrs old and needed updating," he says. "This new model is heavier, with improved hydraulic depth control and two rollers instead of one which is better for working on undulating ground. Having two rollers stops the tine heads digging into the ground and leaves a much neater finish."

When asked why the first 2.6 metre verti-drain had gone to Mike Seward, Charterhouse's MD Philip Threadgold said that the company had been dealing with Seward Turf Maintenance for many years and provided them with several machines. "When you have a customer like that you look after them," he concluded.

Meanwhile, if anyone is interested in an 8 year old 2.5 verti-drain, they should contact Mike Seward on Tel: 01904 765949.

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