Hedgehogs find a new home at Tarporley Hotel

Jo Henwoodin Conservation & Ecology

Wirral Hedgehog Rescue help rehabilitate baby hedgehogs at Macdonald Portal Hotel

Young hedgehogs have a new home on a Tarporley golf course.

Macdonald Portal Hotel has teamed up with Wirral Hedgehog Rescue for an initiative to re-home injured and abandoned young hedgehogs.

But fear not, the hoglets will be safe as the nocturnal animals will only be putting themselves about when the players are safely at the 19th hole.

The partnership with the self-funded organisation is to help rehabilitate the hedgehogs before releasing them back into the wild.

Volunteers respond to calls regarding injured or abandoned young hedgehogs and take them to 'Hedgehog Hospital' to be cared for. The organisation then tries to re-home the hedgehogs in the area in which they were found.

The main aim this year is to bring in breeding pairs to create a community of hedgehogs at the course.

Greenkeeper Barry Robinson said: "Golf courses are an ideal habitat for hedgehogs because the countryside location contains areas of uncut long grass which they tend to nest in. We already has an active hedgehog community, so it is the perfect area in which to release others."

General manager Marc Smith said: "We are passionate about the environment and helping the local community where we can. Wirral Hedgehog Rescue do some really commendable work and it is a pleasure to work with them."

Yvonne Robinson at Wirral Hedgehog Rescue said: "We are really grateful for how much support the team at Macdonald Portal Hotel, Golf & Spa has given us and I'm sure the hedgehogs will enjoy their new home."

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