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Heftee Industries Announcement

Heftee Industries announces Heftee 4000 Certification for EU Directive and UK Distribution Programme

OREGON, IL (February 3, 2005) - Heftee Industries LLC, manufacturer of the Heftee brand of service lifts for outdoor power equipment repair, announced today that it has completed the third-party certification of its Heftee 4000 lift under the European Directives for vehicle lifts. The Heftee 4000 now carries the CE mark.

"We're pleased that TÜV has completed their review and issued the certificate of conformity for the Heftee 4000. Part of our strategic plan is to take our full line of turf equipment service lifts to European Union power equipment dealers, government authority repair shops, and golf course service facilities. The Heftee 4000 should be as equally successful in Europe as it has been in North America," said Heftee Industries president Scott Fore.

"In 2004 we experienced over a 30% growth in unit volume for the Heftee 4000, and we expect its introduction to Europe will continue its growth over the coming years," Fore said.

The Heftee 4000 is ideal for lifting both small and large turf equipment and utility vehicles. It is fully adjustable and free-standing. It lifts up to 4,000 pounds (1,818 Kg) to six feet in the air in about 45 seconds.

"We also are pleased to announce that Parts Depot UK will be our exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom," Fore said. Parts Depot UK is part of the GGM Group, which includes GGM Groundscare, one of the UK's leading groundscare dealers.

Chris Gibson, Parts Depot UK managing director said, "Heftee Lifts have an enviable reputation in the U.S. where technicians have indicated an impressive increase in job efficiency of around 30-40%. This productivity gain and the improved safety the lift offers make the Heftee 4000 a key part of every groundscare workshop."

Heftee Industries said it is working to identify other suitable distributor partners for countries throughout the EU.

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