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of a new homogenous granule for the popular range of Greenmaster Organic turf fertilizers. The new process enables inorganic and organic nutrient sources to be combined into the same granule, rather than blended as separate granules in the bag, to ensure greater accuracy and reliability of nutrient provision across the sward.

The Greenmaster Organic range is formulated to give turf managers the benefits of both organic and inorganic fertilizer combined with natural bio-stimulants, resulting in the optimum turf growth and colour response whilst also enhancing the soil micro-flora.

A brand new product - Scotts Sportsmaster Organic High N (13+5+10+TE) - has also been launched. Designed for all turf areas with a mowing height of over 12mm, Sportsmaster Organic offers the balanced analysis appropriate for use throughout the growing season.

The organic fraction of Greenmaster Organics is derived from chicken manure and, in addition to providing a proportion of the nutrient charge in slow release form, will help improve soil structure, stimulate soil organisms, encourage thatch breakdown and enhance micro flora responsible for fighting turf diseases.

By combining this material with a mineral-based fertilizer, reliable provision of NPK and trace elements is assured and the product formulation can be tailored more appropriately for today's needs.
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