Holland leading the way

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Holland leading the way

The inventors of total football allow markings on six yard box and penalty areas

It is exactly two years since we did our survey of Premiership and (then) Nationwide League Groundsmen.

One of the purposes of the survey was to try and get the football authorities to help Groundsmen maintain their high quality pitch standards. Of particular concern to Groundsmen was the extensive nature of warm-ups and warm-downs and, to their credit, the two leagues introduced a set of guidelines at the start of this season limiting warm-ups and warm-downs.


We have advocated, and asked for, the Groundsmen to be given permission to put markings on the six yard line and penalty area, which would negate the need for goalkeepers to make these marks in the first place. Unfortunately, in this instance, the football authorities have turned a deaf ear.

However, this is not the case elsewhere. As you can see from the images, markings on the six yard box and penalty areas are being done. These were taken during a recent visit to Holland and the simple markings are used regularly at their stadiums.

How much longer must our Groundsmen wait?

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