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GreenCast screenThe first of a new series of 'how to' videos will help GreenCast website users to get the best out of some of the innovative and interactive features that are specifically designed to help make more proactive and accurate turf management decisions.

Three initial videos, each lasting three to four minutes, cover How to get started with the key features of GreenCast; How to use Disease Forecasting and Using spray windows. Further videos will cover how to use the unique Historic disease chart information available and practical guidance on the Sprayer set-up calculators.

Syngenta Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson, highlighted that the GreenCast website contains a wealth of practical information for turf managers. "The five-day weather and turf disease forecasts are an invaluable resource that many turf managers use every day. But there is far more by way of reference tools and advice that is essential to formulate an effective Integrated Turf Management programme.

"The podcasts give guidance and tips to quickly and easily access the detailed information, as well as advice on how to interpret and use the knowledge to help with turf management decisions. The interactive features in the GreenCast Application Zone are an extremely valuable to aide easier calibration and accurate application, as well as the opportunity to record what you have done and why."

Key features of the GreenCast website include:

• Five day local weather forecast and radar • Forecast of turf disease risks
• News and topical turf tips • ITM techniques and advice
• Application advice, tools and videos • Environmental topics
• Operation Pollinator tools for greenkeepers and clubs • Ways to work with club managers and players
• How to get the best out of products • Shared experiences of turf managers and agronomists

All the features on the GreenCast website are available free to all greenkeepers, groundsmen, turf managers, agronomists and turf students who register at www.greencast.co.uk or www.greencast.ie and follow the links. Watch the How to get started with GreenCast video podcast first here.

You can view the first of the videos at: http://www.greencast.co.uk/uk/news/greencast/2012/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-greencast

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For UK specific turf agronomy and product information go to www.greencast.co.uk

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