Hunts Engineering Ltd is proving a successful midlands dealer for Campeys

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After working together now for just over a year, Hunts Engineering Ltd is proving a highly successful dealer in the Midlands, for Campey Turf Care Systems.

Left to right - Jeff Deane Sales manager, Jason Moody Campey Turf Care Systems, Peter Hunt MD and Richard Lucas Sales Manager. (2)

Starting as an agricultural dealership focusing on engineering, the Warwickshire based family-owned company has established itself in the professional turf care sector.

With Peter Hunt having more than 35 years of experience in the industry and a strong reputation for customer service, Hunts make the perfect addition to the Campey dealer framework. Founded in 2007 owners of Hunts, Peter and Julie Hunt, want to continue growing the fine turf arm of the business, and they believe the Campey line of machinery is the perfect portfolio to do it with.

"We're taking on everything that Campey does. We want to have the complete range so we can go into a golf course, club or school and offer them a comprehensive package. For us, that was really important because we want our customers to come to us with any requests or issues and have an answer or solution for them."

"We've grown our business on the back of service and our dedicated and skilled team. Having the final solution is a big value to us and our customers."

"This industry is very much person to person, and demonstrations are important. Especially with Campey machinery because it's not the run of the mill tractors and mowers; it's specialist equipment. Personally, it makes our jobs more interesting working with this type of equipment. Most of the time, you can see an instant result or effect with this machinery, and we think that is why people respond to it."

"We also need support from Campey when we have questions and Jason Moody has been very good for that. When he says he'll do something, he does it, which is so important for our customers and us."

With two dedicated Campey salespeople and five fully qualified mechanics operating on-site and in the workshop, the Hunts backup team is more than capable of providing the first-class service customers expect from Campey.

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