Hydroscape 800 Series “Floc Logs” reduce phosphate levels and algae growth by up to 70%

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Hydroscape 800 Series "Floc Logs" reduce phosphate levels and algae growth by up to 70%, decrease suspended solids and metal discoloration, control odors and improve water clarity in lakes and ponds.

The 800 Series "Floc Logs" recently introduced by the Ringwood, Hampshire water specialist company Hydroscape Ltd. are produced from blends of natural polymers that are non toxic and totally environmentally safe, which have been proven to be a cost effective, sustainable method of improving water clarity in lake and pond systems by reducing suspended solids and phosphate levels and consequently reducing algae growth by up to 70%.

Hydroscape "Floc Logs" work by slowly dissolving, adding blends of natural polymers into the water body, which flocculate suspended particles of colloidal materials and phosphate, forming these into larger aggregates that precipitate out of the water column and are locked up on the pond or lake bed.
As Phosphate levels drop, algae plant cells are starved of their food source and die.

The introduction of "Floc logs" vastly improves water quality when used in conjunction with conventional water movement equipment, such as floating display aerators, fixed fountains, lake bed aeration systems, lake circulators or decorative waterfalls, which provide the agitation needed to introduce and circulate the polymers into the water system.

Best introduced in early Spring before sunlight levels intensify and algae growth occurs, each Hydroscape "Floc Log" will treat up to 1,500m³ of water for up to a 4 month period.

Peter Roberts, Managing director of Hydroscape Ltd says "Algae growth is an ongoing problem in lake and pond management".

Over the years many different chemical methods have been tried to eradicate algae, with varying levels of success, ranging from the addition of Barley straw, which as it decomposes produces small quantities of Hydrogen Peroxide, a known oxidant, through to the introduction of lake dyes, designed to reduce light penetration through the water and minimise photosynthesis.

However in all cases these treatments have been used to treat "The Symptoms" rather than address the initial cause.

In all natural lakes and ponds, nutrients, mostly phosphorous, which is the food source for algae growth, enters the water body from a variety of different sources, including surface runoff from surrounding areas, through streams, ditches or drains that enter the lake or pond or even through decaying vegetation such as fallen leaves or grass clippings that have migrated into the water.

Algae is a simple structure single cell plant, which like all plants needs a food source to survive and if the food source is removed, just like any other plant, the algae will die.

Hydroscape "Floc Logs" are currently being used by Golf Courses, Private and Public Landscape Lakes and Fisheries, who have found that for only a few hundred pounds per year, the quality of their lake and pond water can now be kept clear and healthy.

For further information on the 800 series Floc Logs or Hydroscape's full range of Lake and Pond aeration equipment, display fountains, and other water management products,Contact

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