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Spraying brine has become an increasingly popular and easy method of ice and snow ice control. Ideal for paths, pedestrian walkways and other areas with restricted vehicular access.

Wessex Brine ATV Winter Snow ADJUST 2014
Brine has many advantages over spreading granular salt. It is effective quickly as salt needs to attract moisture before it will start to work and brine is clean in operation, particularly in retail shopping areas, where it will not get carried by foot into shops like salt. The ideal way to spray is using an ATV or UTV mounted sprayer.

The Wessex ATV brine sprayer has a specialist 1 ½ metre boom featuring 3 individual clusters of nozzles for varying applications. The 55 litre tank will hold enough brine to cover 1250 square metres or 1.5 metres width over a 1 kilometre distance. A key feature over this area is that only a fraction of the amount will be used in caparison to a conventional solid salt spreader.

The choice of nozzles depends on conditions. The pencil jet nozzle gives a high pressure jet of brine which is for treating compacted ice. The jet will penetrate the surface of the ice, speeding up the melting process. The fan nozzle gives a fine even spray over the area and is ideal for applications in light snow and frosty conditions. With brine pre-treatment, when the frost or the snow comes, the brine is already on the ground and even if the water has evaporated there is still a salt present which will reduce the ice factor.

There is a five jet nozzle for this purpose and there's an added bonus. If an area has been pre-treated before a heavy fall of snow, the snow ploughing operation is far cleaner as the surface of the ground will not be frozen. With the Wessex ATV brine sprayer there is also a hand lance always in readiness for treatment of areas such as narrow paths, steps and doorways.

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