ICL launch two new SierrablenPlus analyses

Lucy Nichollsin Chemicals & Fertilisers

ICL has announced the launch of two new additions to its leading range of SierrablenPlus fertilisers. The new products - "Renovator" 11-11-5 + 4CaO + 8MgO and "Turf Starter" 5-28-0 + 16MgO both contain Pearl® Technology, which has been proven to greatly enhance root development.

The mini-granular range of SierrablenPlus fertilisers have for many years been a popular choice for those looking to achieve even coverage at low rates for their sports or amenity turf. This is due to the micro-granular formulation containing Poly-S and resin-coated PACE technology with conventional nitrogen sources to provide the best long-term nutrient release patterns.

Depending on the requirement, there are a wide range of solutions in the SierrablenPlus range to supporting healthy turf growth though the season. The latest products to be added to the portfolio, "Renovator" and "Turf Starter", have been specifically added because of their ability to greatly enhance root development due to the inclusion of Pearl® Technology.

Pearl® Technology blends a unique, recycled, slow-release phosphorus into these 2 new analysesto provide significantly increased rooting and more efficient nutrient use over traditional phosphorus sources.

As with all ICL products, both the "Renovator" and "Turf Starter" have been rigorously tested through independent trials. Data has revealed significantly increased rooting when SierrablenPlus with Pearl® Technology is used as part of a seedbed preparation and during turf-laying. Furthermore, there was a 2.5 x increase in rooting when compared to another existing high-performing product.

Key features

  • Controlled-release Poly-S nitrogen with 3+ month longevity for strong turf response.
  • Root-activated Pearl® Technology, slow-release phosphorus for increased rooting.
  • Contains Polyhalite with K, CaO and MgO.
  • Includes recycled nutrients N, P and MgO.
  • Earlier harvest time demonstrated when used for turf production.

Both Renovator and Turf Starter are ideal for use in turf production and laying as well as incorporating into the seedbed when renovating stadium pitches, sports fields, tees and fairways.

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