Increase in Vat in Littlehampton

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New fermenter 014.jpgBecker Underwood, the world's largest producer of beneficial nematodes for crop protection, is increasing production capacity for 2010 having just installed another 25,000 litre production fermenter in their British factory at Littlehampton, West Sussex. The new vat dramatically increases the factory's capacity to meet the ever increasing demand for nematodes throughout the world. Becker Underwood, already the world's largest producer of nematodes, is now even bigger.

"Becker Underwood is not only the largest producer of nematodes in the world but we also produce the largest range, we are the only company who can provide all the commercially available nematode species" says Dr. Graeme Gowling, head of Becker Underwood's UK operations. "We are now producing nine species in total targeting a diverse range of pests for agriculture, horticulture, turf and home and garden markets.

New fermenter 009.jpg"Becker Underwood's attention to quality and product development has established nematodes as a significant biocontrol agent in these sectors," continues Dr Gowling. "Key characteristics are that they are reliable and persistent in use, easy to apply, leave no harmful crop residues and are crop safe.

"Traditional markets for nematodes in protected cropping continues to grow and we have seen considerable growth from open crop areas such as vegetables and turf."

Becker Underwood Inc, founded in 1982 with their Head Office based in Ames, Iowa, USA, is an international developer of bio-agronomic and specialty products. In addition to being the leading manufacturer of seed coatings and colorants, the company is also the leading global producer of inoculants, beneficial nematodes and a wide range of agricultural and horticultural products. To learn more about its products, visit the company's website at

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