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Independent Financial Advice for All Seasons

Simon Hannam, consultant with Hopwood Ash can offer you helpful and friendly advice regarding


Simon is no stranger to the world of sports turf with over 7 year experience in this industry and has empathy with those who work in it

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PROTECTION - Critical Illness
It is estimated 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women will develop
one of the conditions covered by a standard critical illness policy before their 65th birthday. (Source: Scottish Provident). 100 people suffer a critical illness every hour. (Source: The Facts of Life and Health). Can you believe 81% of the UK population have no critical illness cover. (Source: MORI Research)Should you put cover in place to protect your own liabilities?

The stock markets have shown they can fall as well as rise in
recent months. Cash funds have been boosted as investors
withdraw from the Equity markets. This flexibility can protect
gains made when markets have risen. Remember in any 5-year
period in history the Equity markets have out performed the building society. Past performance is no guarantee of future

A person may chose to invest in one Maxi ISA or in three
separate Mini ISAs in any tax year.

The current annual limit allows up to £3,000 to be invested in a stocks and shares Mini ISA, £1,000 in a cash deposit Mini ISA and £1,000 in a life assurance Mini ISA. Alternatively £7,000 may be invested in a Maxi ISA which may contain elements of all three types or stocks and shares only.

Maxi and Mini ISA options may not be mixed.

PENSIONS - 6th April 2001 saw the introduction of Stakeholder Pension, aimed at the low to medium income groups. Have you carried out a pension review in the last two years to predict what you are likely to receive? Single persons basic old age pension is currently £72.50 per week (2001/2002), should you consider another income?
MORTGAGE - Bank of England rates continue to fall and re-mortgaging could be the key to saving money.

Re-mortgaging could save over £50 per month on a £50,000, 25 year, repayment mortgage by moving from a 6.25% interest rate to a 4.45% interest rate fixed for one year with a fees free re-mortgage package
Typical APR 5.5%.
Fees free re-mortgage package includes refund of valuation reservation fee and no legal costs.

Written quotations upon request. Broker Fees 0.25% of the loan amount. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loans secured on it. Loans subject to status, type and valuation of property and insurance may be required. Mortgages and some aspects of protection are not regulated by the F.S.A.

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