Industry awards scheme launched

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Industry Awards Scheme Launched

By Martyn Jones


Is there an individual within the turf industry that you most admire? Have you seen a new idea this year that really impressed you? Is there a person or company that has done more than any other to advance the turf industry?

If you can answer 'yes' to any of these questions, let us hear about them. The BRITTIR Awards (British Turfgrass Industry Recognition Awards) will be given to individuals, groups or companies that have promoted and advanced the standing and public perception of the British turfgrass industry. If you know of anyone who has demonstrated a dedication to our industry beyond the realms of their day to day work, tell us about them. They may have given of their free time to promote the industry, helped towards the general education of fellow professionals, or, through their achievements, raised the image of the profession.

The BRITTIR Awards 2004 categories include:

Innovation of the Year Award:- Given to an individual or company that has launched the most innovative piece of equipment, education opportunity, or maintenance technique during the period 1st November 2003 to 31st October 2004.

Corporate Care Award:- Presented to the company that, from 1st November 2003 to 31st October 2004, has done most to advance our industry by providing or supporting education; by the introduction of reward schemes; or by raising public awareness.

Celebrity of the Year Award:- Similar to the Corporate Care Award but to acknowledge an individual who has unselfishly done most to benefit colleagues, the profession or the industry during the year.

International Celebrity of the Year:- The same criteria apply to this category but will be presented to an individual from outside the UK who has done most for the British turfgrass industry.

Industry Achievement Award:- A special award to individuals who have become examples to us all for their contributions and achievements over the years. It may be as a result of their services to the industry, to associations, to the profession or to education. These are people who deserve recognition and acclaim from all of us.

So, if you know of somebody who is worthy of an Award, contact any of the BRITTIR Awards 2004 participating associations and let us know. Tell us about them and why you feel they should receive recognition.

The participating associations include the Institute of Groundsmanship, British Association of Golf Course Constructors, British Turf and Landscape Irrigation Association, the National Turfgrass Foundation, British Rootzone and Topdressing Manufacturer's Association and the Turfgrass Grower's Association.

Show your appreciation and be a part of the success of our industry. Contact any of the associations with your nominations. Don't leave it to others!

The recipients of these prestigious Awards will receive them at the BRITTIR Awards 2004 Reception and Gala Evening during the week of the National Turfgrass Foundation Conference in Southport that runs from 29th November to 2nd December 2004.

For more information please contact Martyn Jones on 01995 670675 or Louise Clegg on 07879 015921.

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