Industry’s first all-electric compact tractor for UK groundscare sector at SALTEX

Olivia Dixonin Battery/Electric Power

Now, thanks to Reesink Agriculture and Farmtrac, there is a green alternative to the traditional compact tractor for the UK's green spaces.

Farmtrac's FT25G, the only all-electric compact tractor for the UK groundscare sector, will be at SALTEX 2022.

Customers are keen to look for greener alternatives to the traditional compact tractor and Reesink Agriculture will be showcasing at SALTEX their answer to this call with the all-electric FT25G.

It matches up to the productivity of its Farmtrac diesel equivalent, able to manage greenhouse work, municipalities, equestrian centres and more, while being both quieter and cleaner. In fact, in field tests customers report that the FT25G can significantly out-perform a 25hp diesel tractor in heavy workload applications such as flail mowing and tilling soil.

The FT25G has a 72V battery pack, so can run for up to six hours and left to charge overnight using a domestic three pin socket for eight hours. It requires no additional charging infrastructure so the tractor can be used straight away- no need to fit additional sockets.
And even with energy costs on the rise, charging a tractor overnight is still significantly cheaper than filling up with diesel.

The tractor has zero emissions. Its motor runs on battery power in place of a combustion engine and produces no exhaust emissions. Not only this, but it requires no maintenance- servicing is reserved for the transmissions system only and regular greasing, costs being estimated at 70 percent less than for a diesel engine.

In both its manual and hydrostatic transmission (HST) versions, the FT25G has received significant attention from around the world, impressing the industry's electric vehicles and technology enthusiasts in person and on TV where it was showcased on BBC's Country File and Fully Charged TV.

Steven Haynes, Reesink UK's tractor sales managerm says: "Municipalities are keen to lower their carbon footprint and be seen as more sustainable. The FT25G offers customers that as well as lower fuel costs and quieter operation and does all this while being able to do all the jobs a normal 25hp tractor would do."

Along with the FT25G, Reesink will also be bringing the crowd favourite, the FT26 tractor, known for its ability to get results in smaller areas. Earlier this year Farmtrac revealed the FT26 along with its duo partner the FT26H as its best-seller for getting results in tighter areas without compromising on performance. Its light and narrow body makes it perfect for indoor spaces, while its 750kg capacity means it's more than capable of handling field work.

To see both tractors, visit stand K080.