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GTC Industry specific training materials developed by the GTC played a key role in valuable management training offered to greenkeepers earlier this year.

Three exciting days of training were offered to greenkeepers by Frank Newberry who requested - and received the training materials which covered managing yourself, managing information for action and estimating resources (project management.)

The Professional Development Award - obtained from the European Social Fund by Lorraine and Graham Hatton-Downward of Plan-It Training - led to the training being held at Gay Hill Golf Club.

"It's been inspirational," said Course Manager, Paul Woodham, who hosted the event.

Employers were only required to pay people to attend the training and of course pay their wages as they develop and practice the skills learned from the sessions. This in turn enables participants to develop their portfolio and prepare for an assessment to gain an NVQ qualification.

"The materials, developed by the GTC, are as good if not better than any that I have seen in 20 years of management training in UK industry," said Frank.

"I have used them a number of times most notably at Harrogate Week this year where I ran a two day seminar to an international audience called 'The Greenkeepers Guide to Project Management'.

"I like the fact that they are available in a CD ROM format as well as the traditional handbook design and I would recommend them to anyone. I personally believe that every career-minded greenkeeper should have a personal copy," he said.

Back in Hollywood three separate one-day events were scheduled to be separated by a few weeks so that participants could immediately put their learning into practice and then report progress at the next one-day event.

· Learning materials are available from the GTC: CD-ROMs of Level 2 and Level 3 materials cost £30 each and printed hard copies including the CD-ROM cost £120 each. Prices include VAT, postage and packing within the UK.
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