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Aquadyne1_jpg.jpgEconoplas Limited is leading the way in innovative turf drainage solutions with Aquadyne, a unique drainage medium that offers effective, permanent results,
using recycled plastic.

With recent news headlines being dominated with images of flooded football pitches, parks and private gardens, Aquadyne offers a unique macro-porous /
micro-porous system that allows storm water to drain into the ground and move laterally minimising soil and root migration.

The open pore structure fights against clogging, settlement and infiltration failure and the material is lightweight, yet extremely durable, with a flow rate that is ten times greater than sand.

The non-toxic recycled drainage material is extremely easy to install. It comes in one-metre strips, weighing approximately 5 kilos and no heavy machinery is

With certain areas providing hundreds of square metres of ground, Aquadyne can be placed into narrow ditches in non-continual stages, meaning all areas
involving turf, even roof gardens, can be become Aquadyne protected with minimal disruption and inconvenience.p6_jpg.jpg

As well as saving lawns and pitches, Aquadyne is kind towards the environment, as the revolutionary manufacturing technology helps reduce Co2 emissions. Approximately two tonnes of Co2 emissions is saved when 200 metres of Aquadyne is installed.

Mr. John Grindrod, commercial manager of Econoplas Limited said: "Our Aquadyne product ticks all the boxes of commercial and environmental sustainability; it is manufactured from 100% post used recycled materials through an exceptionally energy efficient manufacturing process."

To see Aquadyne at work visit and see the hundreds of gold courses, football pitches, and national parks that have installed the product.

For further information and sales enquiries please telephone 01723 586611 or visit

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