Intelligent Marking ready to reveal the Enhanced Intelligent One and PROSTRIPE field paint

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Danish company, Intelligent Marking, is ready to introduce the world's most advanced robotic line marker and it's PROSTRIPE line of field paint to the sports turf industry at Saltex 2018 on stand CO10 and at the Live Demonstration area.

The Intelligent One (IO) has led the field in accuracy, reliability and ease of use since being released in 2016 and was awarded the Saltex Innovation Award in 2017 when it was first presented to the UK market. Since then it has seen further advancements to its GPS system and software to maintain its industry leading specification.

The PROSTRIPE field paint has been carefully formulated to match the requirements of every type of customer, including Premier League venues. It is currently being used to great effect by our American customers, including grass-root clubs, professional sports teams and universities. It comes as a ready-to-spray (RTS) paint in three variations: permanent grass paint, semi-permanent for artificial grass and easily removeable chalk-based paint. Each variant comes in white, blue, yellow and red as standard, with other bespoke colours on request.

The robots unrivalled accuracy comes from the base station. Intelligent Marking is the only company to provide an optional base station which allows the machine to be operated without a costly annual subscription and without cellular or real time kinematic (RTK) connectivity and coverage. Using the closed system means the machine can be used anywhere with unprecedented reliability whilst matching the marking speed of every robotic line marker on the market.

The accuracy of markings is millimetric and makes overmarking lines quick and easy with no external signal factors able to impact the performance. The Intelligent One comes with several pre-loaded templates including UEFA regulation football pitches, NFL pitches, track and field marking, rugby union and league, lacrosse and many more. Customers can also request custom templates from Intelligent Marking which can be made within a short timeframe ready for use.

Massive savings in paint cost and manpower are being seen by current users of the IO, including Paul Floyd, Facilities and Operations Manager for the City of Decatur, Alabama, Parks and Recreation Department.

Before using the robot, Paul would use 60 litres of 50/50 mix (28 litres paint) to mark two full-size soccer fields with a three-man crew, taking 30-45 minutes per pitch and one hour starting from scratch.

With the IO these figures reduced dramatically. Up to 34 minutes were saved marking per pitch and 26 litres less paint was needed, figures that Paul thought would be unattainable before using the robot for himself.

He said: "Obviously, everyone paints fields with different paint rates, various numbers of crew and time - but there is clearly a huge cost saving. I know these numbers may seem unbelievable and I was sceptical myself, but we have been using this machine since March 2018 and these are our numbers. We are estimating a savings of £15,500 in just paint cost - not including manpower time savings and less time correcting mistakes. The paint is lasting after multiple mowing sessions and longer than the paint we used previously. We like it so much, we plan to buy a second machine this fall."

Visitors to Saltex can see the Intelligent One in action at the Live Demonstration area located outside the main building and have any questions answered about the robot and paint at the Intelligent Marking stand.

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