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On September 1, 2006 (12) Equipment technicians were involved in a conference call to deliberate on starting an Equipment Technicians Association.

During that phone call we decided that not only is this type of association long overdue, but it is increasingly necessary for the development of this position.

The equipment technician's role over the past 20 years has developed into much more than just a person on the staff who keeps the equipment operational. With the increase in golf courses around the world there simply are not enough skilled technicians to meet the needs of every course. That is because there has never been anything to work from.

How can you tell the difference between a skilled an unskilled technician? Is it the way they look or dress? Is it how quickly they can get a piece of equipment up and running? Is it the organization they have or maybe the management skills they possess? Also is not everyone's perception of a skilled technician different? The GCSAA helped develop the Superintendent position into one that's matured over the years as well. They have taken on more responsibility and have in turn gained much more respect.

It is for these reasons that an Equipment Technicians Association is needed. An equipment technician is responsible for all the equipment that maintains the golf course on a daily basis. With that being said the equipment technician has a duty to make sure every member and guest experiences a golf course that is in beautiful condition everyday. The position they hold can determine whether that guest returns to the golf course to play again or if today is the last time they see your golf course.

The golf course technician is an integral part to the success of a golf management team and it's for that reason that professionalism, standards, education, and achievement should be recognized, nurtured, and respected. It is the goal of an association to grow this idea and to expand it all over the world. We feel that by doing this it will encourage others to enter our profession and to do so with the previous statements in mind. We intend to work with Superintendent Associations and manufacturers to further develop this association into one that gains the respect and recognition that is long overdue and much needed in our industry.

We would like to invite everyone to join us in creating an association that is long overdue and that will encourage our growth as industry professionals.

The development of our website is currently in the beginning stages and can be located at We would like to encourage everyone to be a part of this association today and help grow our industry and the equipment technician profession so everyone can experience what a top notch golf operation should be.

The next conference call meeting will take place this Thursday at 5pm, details below.

GCEMA - Europe Conference Agenda

Time: 12:00 p.m EST or 5:00 p.m BST
Date: October 5th, 2006

Contact Gina Putnam at Bernhard and Company on 01788 811600 to be patched into the conference call.

I. Education
a. What types are available now? (Europe Attendees)
b. What is currently being worked on? (Stephen)
c. What would you like to see? (Europe Attendees)

II. Involvement
a. Are there associations in Europe and if so who are they? (Europe Attendees)
b. How can we get you involved in our committees and association development? (Stephen)
c. Getting the word out in Europe and other avenues? (Europe Attendees)

III. Concerns
a. Do you have any concerns as to the current direction of the association?
b. Membership fees. (Stephen)
c. Europe technician's association thoughts. (Stephen and Europe Attendees)

IV. Questions
a. Any questions, comments or suggestions?

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