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IMG 6964If your synthetic surface is in need of some long-overdue TLC, just call Technical Surfaces - the UK's leading synthetic pitch maintenance provider.

Ideally, artificial sports surfaces should be maintained from day one, but unfortunately this does not always happen. However, Technical Surfaces are confident that, by implementing the correct maintenance programme, even the oldest of surfaces can be restored to an 'as new' condition, as long as the overall construction and integrity of the surface is sound.

Indeed, the oldest pitch that the company look after, at St. Augustine's Priory School in Ealing, was already well into its projected lifespan when they were first contracted to maintain the facility in 2000, and the client was seriously considering resurfacing.

Since then, Technical Surfaces have regularly maintained the pitch with weekly Drag Brushing visits, monthly Power Sweeps and perimeter Vegetation Treatments, combined with a Rejeneration® (using their patented air-process) and other specialist works as and when required. The facility is now entering its 24th year, almost double the projected life expectancy for an artificial sports surface, and is testament to their philosophy of 'Maintaining Standards'.

Many of the company's customers first contact them when their pitch or court is 4-5 years old and beginning to suffer the consequences of limited maintenance. Tell-tale signs including standing water, surface silt and a hardening of the playing surface underfoot are all indications of deeper-seated problems caused by a long-term build-up of contamination. Other issues such as low infill levels, poor infill distribution and matted pile fibres can also develop through lack of maintenance, which could lead to both a weakening of the carpet seams and an increased rate at which the carpet pile wears.

The services that Technical Surfaces provide are a perfect combination of preventative and corrective maintenance. This allows them first to remedy the underlying problems by way of a deep-cleaning Revite®, specialist Decompaction, or a restorative Rejeneration®, and thereafter to introduce a maintenance programme suited to their customers' individual requirements. The company provide a choice of preventative maintenance packages, allowing customers to work around their individual budgets and circumstances. Technical Surfaces also offer the option to fix contracts over a longer period to help their clients budget effectively, and can even produce a budgetary forecast of maintenance costs over a five or ten year period to allow them to plan for future maintenance.

To find out more about how Technical Surfaces can help restore your artificial sports surface and prolong its life, or to arrange a FREE site inspection, call 08702 400 700 and ask to speak to a Technical Manager or visit

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