ITV 'Garden Angels' select Rolawn

Lorraine Willisin Industry News

Rolawn's Medallion turf and Organic Multi-Purpose Compost have been selected for ITV's This Morning's 'Garden Angels' programme.

Following nominations from viewers for a deserving project to transform, ITV's 'Garden Angels' team used the expertise and inspiration of Diarmuid Gavin to completely transform the garden at Blaenavon Senior Citizens Club, South Wales.

Diarmuid designed a peaceful space, with an expansive lawn, plenty of places to sit and a frame of wooden poles, ropes and roses finished off with a fountain.

The garden makeover came as a complete surprise to the club members who had been unable to use the neglected garden for over 30 years.

Back in April Garden Angels appealed for projects that needed some green fingered TLC. Barbara Lewis, who runs the Senior Citizens Club, had written in asking for help for their neglected garden that hadn't been used in over thirty years. Many of the club members live in sheltered accommodation and don't have gardens. The club also wanted to share the garden with the local nursery next door which has no green space.

Diarmuid went along to surprise them with the good news and to get the work underway!

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