Jewel is UK’s first dual action moss and weed control product

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Jewel.jpgScotts Professional has launched the first product in the UK to control both moss and weeds in managed turf and amenity grassland.

Jewel contains two powerful active ingredients in a unique combination which gives both pre-emergence and systemic activity. The contact activity comes from Carfentrazone-ethyl, a selective, broadleaf active from the triazolinone family of herbicides which also kills moss. The systemic hormone type herbicide Mecoprop-P is absorbed by the plant's leaves and translocated to the roots, giving a complete kill.

Developed in extensive trials, it is the only herbicide which offers selective weed and moss control from foliar application to turf. It kills a number of tough, broadleaved turf weeds including Bristley Oxtongue, Buck's Horn Plantain, Greater Plantain, Cinquefoil spp, White Clover, Daisy, Creeping Buttercup, Speedwell spp and Birdsfoot Trefoil.

Nia Frost, Scotts' Technical Manager for controls products explained how Jewel's dual action and impressive performance in trials will make it an important product for turf managers: "We conducted 16 efficacy trials on all grass varieties over a two year period and observed excellent results on young weeds and superb herbicidal kill on moss. The product can be used all year round, but we'd recommend two applications per year - at a rate of 1.5Kg in 500 litres of water per hectare - in early Spring and Autumn, as the best result is achieved when weeds are treated at an early stage and at times when moss is abundant. Jewel is a soluble granule which is very easy to use and turf managers can also save time as there's no need to apply two separate products."

Jewel is available in 1.5kg bottles from Scotts distributors. For further information, visit, call 0871 220 5353 or email

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