John Deere Gator marks 200,000th CESAR milestone

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All new John Deere Gator utility vehicles can now be equipped with the nationally approved CESAR security and registration system from Datatag ID Limited, as a factory fit option.

CESAR Datatag John Deere Gator LAMMA 2015 A
An XUV 855D model was unveiled on the CESAR stand at LAMMA 2015 in January as the scheme's 200,000th registered machine. The system is now being offered on Gators following its success in reducing tractor thefts from dealers and customers, and has exactly the same functionality as on the John Deere tractor range.

Supported by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and the Construction Equipment Association (CEA), CESAR is fitted on production lines in the UK, Europe and the USA by many leading manufacturers. The system was established in the construction market in 2007 and adopted by the agricultural market two years later, with the AEA's support.

It works by giving each piece of equipment a unique and permanent identity using state of the art Datatag security marking technology. This cannot be removed by thieves, and is linked to a secure, 24/7 dedicated call centre. Since 2007, CESAR has reduced overall equipment theft in the UK by 46 per cent, increased the rate of recovery of stolen equipment by a factor of six, and also helped reduce insurance premiums.

"I'm extremely proud that CESAR has reached another significant milestone," said Datatag ID managing director Kevin Howells at LAMMA. "When we launched CESAR back in 2007 we could not have conceived of its success in being adopted by leading manufacturers and in reducing theft. I'm also extremely pleased that John Deere has decided to expand its support of CESAR and introduce it as an optional factory fit for its utility vehicle range. I have every confidence that this will be as successful for Gators as it has been for John Deere tractors."

Newly appointed director general and CEO of the AEA Ruth Bailey added: "The AEA continues to fully support CESAR, and our members who fit the system, in combating opportunistic and professional thieves who prey on British farmers and other machinery users. It has proved to be an extremely effective deterrent against theft and an invaluable aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles."

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