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Powercut Eirian and Caeli Parts DepartmentIt's good news for local owners, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment that use John Deere diesel engines. In an exclusive deal John Deere have appointed Powercut of Cwmffrwd, Carmarthen as OEM engine service dealers. Seen as a major step forward by the manufacturer to improve customer service, this new association with Powercut will enable customers to receive a parts and service backup that can be measured in hours, not days or weeks.

Fig 1. Powercut's Parts Department Eirian Powell (left) and Caeli Evans (right) at the Powercut Parts Desk in the Powercut Showroom, Cwmffrwd, Carmarthen

John Deere OEM (original equipment manufacturer) engines are used in a wide variety of equipment across many industries. These are industrial engines designed and built by John Deere for use in off-road applications such as boats, generators, air compressors, aerial lifts, sweepers and pumping units.

Many machine specialists and hire companies will be delighted to know that they can now obtain John Deere engine parts, warranty and service through Powercut, who already have over 25 years as established John Deere main dealers for lawn and groundcare equipment. With trained staff using state-of-the-art systems, Powercut intend to transform the end-users' perception of service availability for John Deere engines. "We are already known for providing the quickest and most reliable parts supply service in the groundscare machinery business. For the user of any JD engine, that level of service starts now" said Powercut parts logistic expert Caeli Evans.

Should you require spare parts, parts lookups, servicing or technical information, Powercut can help. As appointed John Deere dealers, users will appreciate that Powercut can rectify any John Deere engine failures that are still within their manufacturer's warranty. This is a much quicker and more efficient system than having to approach the equipment manufacturer or distributor for parts, service or warranty support. There is no need to worry about incurring costly machine downtime either.

Powercut operate under John Deere's world class parts distribution system with access to over half a million parts lines. JD Parts is highly esteemed and often considered the benchmark for any parts distribution system. JD Parts operates on an overnight basis within Europe, meaning that if you order your parts before 4pm on any weekday, you can be confident that Powercut will receive it early the next morning.

Access JD Parts on the Powercut website to identify and order your OEM parts. Simply go to , register with JD Parts and choose Powercut as your primary dealer. Get instant access to Powercut's stock quantities and recommended retail prices, 24 hours a day. Select the parts you want, create and print a picklist, phone in or order online.

You can contact Powercut's parts department 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon-Friday & 9:00am to 1pm on Saturday. Visit the parts desk at Powercut's Carmarthen Showroom, call 01267 235625 or email Order before 4pm for delivery of your part to our showroom the next morning.

For further information on John Deere OEM engine parts at Powercut you can visit their showroom at Oaklands Mansion, Cwmffrwd, Carmarthen, SA31 2ND; telephone 01267 235625 or visit their website at

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