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Farleigh GC New Fairway bunker complex lined with HyLineAimed specifically at clients who are considering using our services for reconstruction/refurbishment of bunkers.

The material is a heavy weight, semi-permeable liner consisting of an inert granular fill material sandwiched between 2 layers of geotextile. The underlying one being a woven polypropylene, which acts as stone barrier, with the top layer being a non-woven 200 gauge 'open fibre' geotextile. The inert mineral fill is secured between the 2 layers by needle punching at 2-3mm centres.

When moist the material dramatically increases in weight and drains in a conventional manner to a centrally installed drainage system. With the sand neatly purchased into the 'open fibre' surface of the needle punched geotextile it performs consistently and comparably with sand laid in a conventional non-lined bunker; this retains a degree of moisture in the lower portion whilst still allowing it to drain freely. The sand therefore consolidates with the playing characteristics of a conventional bunker.

Having been trialled with excellent results for 2 years. We have recently completed the installation of 'HyLine' to over 100 bunkers at Farleigh Court Golf Club, 6 holes at Rushcliffe Golf Club with trials for future installations at 5 high profile courses ongoing.

The other advantages of using 'HyLine' are:

- Stops contamination of sand by stones and silt.
- Follows the internal contours of the bunker base without creasing.
- Liner professionally installed in 5.00M wide rolls to minimise joints.
- Prolongs the life cycle of sand thus reducing costs.
- Reduces necessity of raking after wash out damage.hyline article cross section & logo
- Increases consistency of playability through all lined bunkers.
- Extends life cycle of internal drainage by reducing contamination of gravel backfill.
- Competitively priced whilst being installed during a contract the costs are midway between the price for upturned turf and many proprietary bunker linings.

Technical and installation information is given in a designated brochure.

During 2011 several major bunker contracts were carried out:

1) Farleigh Court. 27 hole refurbishment commissioned by Marc Hayton of Foxhills Golf Club as part of a multi million pound investment. An intensive programme successfully achieved with only 8-10 weeks separating each of the three phases.Renovation took place 9 holes at a time to allow 18 holes to be played throughout. Situated within the Surrey Downs meant the underlying subsoil was predominantly heavy clay, chalk and flint. A heavy duty lining solution was therefore required to prevent contamination of the bunker sand. Our own specifically developed lining product HyLine was chosen and successfully installed.The main reasons why HyLine was selected came down to a combination of the strength and weight of the twin layer interwoven geotextile system with inert mineral filler. Secondly the cost was competitive being placed midway between the price of up-turned turf and the latest branded bunker liners. In total over 100 bunkers were constructed with significant amounts of fill material used to create the surrounds moundwork; this was sourced on site from the excavation of new lakes and ditches. Our works also involved the installation of land drainage and the construction of new tees and buggy paths. Architect: David Pottage, John Jacobs Associates Golf Design.

2) Tandridge Golf Club. Tandridge has undertaken an exciting commitment to restore the course to the original Harry Colt style. Under the careful direction of Frank Pont the bunkers, along with green surrounds and new mounding are being restored to their original style. The new bunkers, many of which had been grassed over in previous times, have been opened up with new strategically placed fairway bunkers and the relocation of tees. This has sympathetically bTandridgeGC Colt Style Reconstruction 13th Hole atTandridge JohnGreasleyLtdrought the course up to date with today's modern equipment The bunkers in the original Colt style are having heather incorporated around the edges, much of which is being regenerated on the course. Following the successful completion of three holes for phase 1, to the delight of the members and committee, we were engaged to complete phase 2 of the front nine during the autumn of 2011. The course transformation created quite a buzz, with all involved keen to keep the momentum going. Subsequently work on the back nine was brought forward from August to January 2012 which we are currently completing; the remainder of the back nine holes is programmed for completion this October.

3) East Berks Golf Club. Complete 18 hole bunker reconstruction and course alterations phased over three consecutive autumns on this beautiful tree lined heathland course. The restoration involved the translocation of heather to the bunker surrounds in conjunction with the club's heather rejuvenation.? Enhancements included the recontouring of green approaches and surrounds, rebuilding of greens 8, 9 and 10 along with a host of intricate greenside retaining features to a number of streams and ditches that weave their way through the course. Architect: Howard Swan, Swan Golf Designs.

4) Le Touquet Golf Club, La Mer Course. Restoration of bunkering to holes 2, 7, 9 and 10 on this classic Colt Links Course in Northern France during the autumn of 2011. Many aspects of the course had changed, been reconstructed or damaged over the last 70 years and the first project has focussed on the bunker shapes, styles and positions. The long term strategy is to restore this course to its rightful position as one of the leading courses in France. Immediately following these works we moved a short distance along the coast to Hardelot, another course operated by Open Golf Club Hotel Golf Resorts.

5) Hardelot Golf Club, Le Pins Course. Originally designed by Tom Simpson, this is another interesting course situated within pine forested dunes on the north coast of France. The initial works commenced with the 5th hole, a par 3 with two large bunkers to each side and rear of the green. Over the course of time the original Simpson style and shapes have been lost and are being skilfully reconstructed. The works at Le Touquet and Hardelot are being carried out with careful guidance of a new partnership between Frank Pont and Patrice Boissonnas.

6) Rushcliffe Golf Club The reconstruction and lining of all bunkers with 'HyLine' on the first 6 holes along with regrading of the Par 3, 5th hole, landing area and approach.

7) Bury, Stand and Ellesmere Golf Clubs. We have recently been involved in one of Europe's largest utility projects. The 1.20m diameter West-East link water main was installed through a number of golf courses around northern Manchester by United Utilities and Murphy pipelines. The enabling and reinstatement contract carried out by John Greasley Ltd, valued in excess of £1.7m was overseen by Jonathan Tucker of the STRI and programmed in tandem with the main pipeline installation. Numerous tees, greens and fairways were reinstated with extensive piped land drainage and gravel bands within the easement tha stretched several miles across the three courses. In excess of 85,000m2 of turf was imported and laid to re-establish the areas more quickly. Our role was extended to the growing in and maintenance of all three sites until they were ready for play.

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