Johnsons Sports Seed to launch new sustainable seed solutions at BTME 2024

Elena Cossarin Exhibition News

Following another year of extensive trials and research, Johnsons Sports Seed return to BTME with a bolstered fine turf portfolio - including two brand new mixtures and five new formulations for 2024. Created to address two of the biggest issues currently facing the industry, drought tolerance and disease resistance, visitors can find out more about new Johnsons J Sustain-Fairway, J Ultrafine Rye 100 and more by stopping by stand 126 in January.

The recent launch of J Sustain-Fairway is at the forefront of Johnson's fairway offering and offers the ideal mixture for links and heathland venues, specifically those looking to significantly boost the population of resilient Hard and Sheeps Fescues. Known for their increased tolerance to a broad range of turf and environmental stresses, J Sustain-Fairway incorporates varieties well-suited to sustainable management programmes, offering exceptional turf quality, drought recovery and natural support against some common turf pests & diseases without requiring high artificial inputs.

For greens, ultrafine rye is the focus, with a new formulation of J Ultrafine Rye Green and the introduction of J Ultrafine Rye 100. Suitable for use on golf greens, tees and fairways, J Ultrafine Rye 100 blends four high-performing, fast-establishing perennial ryegrass cultivars to create a high-density, hard-wearing sward.

Other highlights from the updated golf range include the new formulation of J Premier Tee to include 5% Sabrena. Sabrena is a unique fine turf poa trivialis combining the fine leaf and shoot density of a bent grass with the rapid establishment and high wear tolerance of perennial ryegrass in shaded conditions, making it ideal for mature tees set back into woodland and other heavily shaded environments.

The winter sports seed range has also been upgraded based on the findings of the 'DLF Disease Watch Programme' which is monitoring the changing disease landscape across Europe to identify resistant cultivars and varieties. Following successful screening for Brown Parch last year, DLF have this year completed a global trial looking into Grey Leaf Spot which has resulted in a new formulation for J Premier 4Turf 25. The addition of 5% Saila and 25% Fiesta 4 to an already strong blend or perennial and tetraploid perennial ryegrasses has demonstrated outstanding tolerance to GLS, together with Brown Patch, Fusarium and a range of other diseases. The new mixture is designed to give peace of mind and meet the needs of the modern stadia manager who is looking for fast establishment, excellent visual quality and proven resistance to the broadest range of turf grass diseases.

More information on all of the new mixtures is available by picking up a copy of the 2024 Johnsons Sports Seed brochure, or by speaking to the technical team on hand, on stand 126.