Jubilant Jedbugh praises Agrovista Amenity programme

Chris Bassettin Golf

A granular feeding programme devised by Tom Hobbis of Agrovista Amenity has dramatically improved the greens at Jedburgh Golf Club.

Before and after

Described by those who play the course, Jedburgh Golf Club in Scotland is a hidden gem full of risk and reward. It is a par 69 course with spectacular views over the town of Jedburgh, Dunion and the Cheviot hills. With a thriving membership, the club recognises the importance of keeping the course in the best condition possible. Therefore, when a problematic ninth hole started causing issues the club sought some outside expertise.

"We brought Amenity Specialist Tom Hobbis in from Agrovista Amenity to give us some advice," said Robert Armstrong, Jedburgh Golf Club's Green Ranger. "We wanted a new entire feeding programme and so Tom looked at all the greens, not just the one we were having the most problems with. He took several soil samples to see if we had any underlying issues and fortunately there was nothing serious - just a lack of nutrients. He then came up with a plan for all of the greens."

"It was about taking it back to basics," said Tom, who joined Agrovista Amenity last year. "We needed to reduce stress on the greens and a simplistic programme was required. After careful consideration I felt that a granular approach would be most suitable.

"I put together a programme using the Compo Expert range because you get 100% nutrition from these products, and they have a very low scorch potential - which would suit the lack of water application. Another reason for choosing the Compo Expert products is that they don't sit in the surface for long - they break down incredibly well and get into the profile very quickly. The products that I put forward have been tried and tested in all corners of the UK."

Agrovista Amenity is the exclusive national distributor of Compo Expert's turf products in the UK for good reason. The unique and innovative controlled and slow-release chemistry provides environmentally-friendly fertilisers at a time when many turf and landscape managers are exploring more sustainable methods.

In concentrating on the problematic ninth hole, Tom firstly identified Ferro Top 6-0-12 as a solution. With a very fine and uniform granular size, Ferro Top ensures perfect sward penetration and is ideal for fine turf surfaces such as greens.

"We used Ferro Top at the start of the season and at the back end of the season," said Tom. "With its high iron content, it has really firmed the greens up and helps towards sward penetration. The magnesium in it has also massively helped to keep a good colour across the greens for longer periods without a flush of growth.

"After Ferro Top gave the greens the kick-start they needed, we then moved on to Floranid Twin Eagle Master 19-5-10 which is ideal for late spring/early summer and autumn feeds.

We used two applications and it gave great longevity thanks to its two nitrogen compounds, ISODUR and CROTODUR. As a result, the club didn't have to put as much down over the course of the season, and it therefore saved money."

As Tom says, the new slow-release fertilisers in the Floranid Twin range are comprised of a unique combination of two highly efficient and well-proven nitrogen compounds, ISODUR (moisture dependent) and CROTODUR (heat dependent). This Double N Technology ensures a long-lasting and reliable supply of nitrogen at the highest possible utilisation rate and guarantees optimal plant growth for the successful implementation of ambitious sports turf management.

Last but certainly not least, Tom claims that one of the most integral products in the programme was Kali Gazon 0-0-27. High potassium with added magnesium and sulphur makes Kali Gazon an effective stress reliever, improving turf tolerance against drought, disease, and cold temperatures.

"All of these products have proved to be a fantastic combination," concluded Tom. "Jedburgh Golf Club put a lot of faith in me and the products and I'm incredibly happy that they are reaping the benefits of the programme."

Andrew Chambers, Head Greenkeeper, who plays a vital role in the maintenance of the course at Jedburgh, also praised the successful programme.

"The feeding programme has been very successful, and we are delighted with the progress - the products have worked admirably for us," he said. "We will be carrying out the same programme this year and I'm looking forward to the greens getting even better.

"We've had a significant number of positive comments, everybody at the club is delighted and I've not had one bad word said about the greens."

You can visit the new Amenity academy here: www.amenityacademy.co.uk