June 2017 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

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Sports covered are bowls, cricket, rugby, football, golf and tennis

At the moment, there's not too much time on the hands of those invaluable maintainers of our courses, pitches and greens - the greenkeepers and groundsmen. From first to last light, this is the time of year when they are at their peak - renovating, mowing, irrigating, aerating, marking out - pulling out all the stops in their desire to create the perfect surface.

Mother Nature, as ever, is their biggest challenge - though I'm sure there are some club members who can lay claim to that title! But, in the main, it's a rewarding time of the year with so much visible evidence of why our groundsmen and greenkeepers are considered to be amongst the best in the world.

As ever, in addition to these diaries, there is also a wealth of advice to be obtained from the Pitchcare Forum, where members can ask for and offer advice on the whole range of sports turf surfaces issues.


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