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Boughton Loam have just purchased an exclusive long term licence to manufacture and sell "Kaloam" cricket loam in the UK. "Kaloam" is a market leading maintenance product specifically design for cricket wickets.

"Kaloam", which was owned by Goundrey's, part of Monro South, has for many years been an alternative for Boughton's own cricket loam product range. Knowing what a good product this was, we set about finding a way to broaden our range to include this product. Our strategy was to acquire the right to use the "Kaloam" name and take the benefit of the goodwill which has long been associated with the name, rather than go down the route of trying to create a comparable product.

Simon Hedley
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Boughton Loam, based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, are already a market leading supplier of cricket loams. Now they are adding "Kaloam" to the range. "It has a very loyal customer base. We understand what customers are looking for and why and so by offering "Kaloam" as one of our range we intend to satisfy a specific demand for this product" said Simon Hedley, Business Director of Boughton Loam.

Boughton Kaloam bag 2 (5)"Kaloam" has for a long time been the preferred choice of many a cricket club and many a groundsman. Its familiar light brown colour distinguishes it from other cricket loams and its high clay content gives the wicket its feel and character.

When Monro Horticulture Limited went into administration this gave us the opportunity we had been waiting for and we now have the exclusive right to the brand and have brought it within the Boughton Loam business. This means that only Boughton Loam can manufacture, distribute and sell "Kaloam" in the UK.

We believe this is good news for the cricket maintenance and groundcare industry because Boughton Loam, who already market a range of cricket loams, has the expertise and knowhow to produce and look after this brand and to provide the needed quality, consistency and continuity required by our customers and users. We believe we will be good custodians of this great brand name.

We are confident that distributors and customers will be fully satisfied with the product and services we will provide. We are planning to invest significantly in this brand to extend market awareness, penetration and availability over the coming seasons.

We are aware that, in recent times, a number of cricket loam suppliers have made use of the "Kaloam" name without the consent of the brand owner. We take our role as custodian of the brand very seriously and we intend to take all steps necessary to protect our investment and to ensure that only genuine "Kaloam" cricket loam from Boughton Loam is available to the UK market.

rgb logo 98x35 pixelsBoughton Loam and Turf Management are part of The Bennie Group. Founded in 1941 by Mr Peter Bennie the Group has evevoled from a contract ploughing business into one of the Midlands leading soil, earthmoving, quarrying, and restoration contractors. Boughton Loam originated at Boughton in Northampton in 1986. Outgrowing its site shortly thereafter they relocated to Kettering. They now operate across a number of sites.

A range of Boughton Loam is available to purchase from the Pitchcare Store.

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