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Salt TraxxConstantly developing new and functional products for winter maintenance, SnowEx has just launched a new management device for salt / grit usage in time for winter 2010/11.

With cost-cutting measures high on the agenda for most councils throughout the UK, it's important to ensure that essential winter maintenance duties are not neglected, particularly after the two previous hard winters. Many councils struggled to maintain ice-free conditions due to the harsh conditions and compounding this issue was the well-publicised national shortage of salt and grit. This year, as another hard winter is forecast, the public eye will be well and truly focussed on the conditions of Britain's roads and despite the necessary frugal steps taken by councils and contractors, there will be no excuses accepted for roads and public areas that are not maintained correctly.

"Many of our SnowEx customers involved in public highway work are using the V-Maxx range of spreaders," says Roy Wolfenden of Broadwood International, distributors of SnowEx equipment. "With the drive to reduce costs yet maintain high standards of the nation's roads throughout winter we've introduced the Salt-Traxx system, which can be simply plugged into the SnowEx V-Maxx spreader series." Recording information such as material usage, times, dates, and stop/starts on the operators route, Salt-Traxx then stores this data on a portable memory stick via a standard USB port. Back at the office, this data can then be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet and stored away safely for record-keeping.

"In the event of an incident on areas where gritting duties were to be carried out, Salt-Traxx can provide highly accurate information for proving that maintenance tasks were carried out and gritting was performed at a certain time," says Mr Wolfenden. "Aside from the information Salt-Traxx will give managers, enabling them to monitor material usage and reduce costs accordingly, the ability to provide definitive proof in the event of a claim or dispute will make the Salt-Traxx an indispensable and priceless winter maintenance tool for councils and contractors."

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