Kress RTKn robotic mowers for commercial use

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Revolutionising Turf Care for Groundkeepers and Sports Facility Owners

With Kress Mission Mega RTKn mowers, Kress once again showcases the pinnacle of possibilities in automated mowing for commercial grounds. Building on the success of the RTKn series, these mowers integrate advanced technologies such as RTKn (Real-time kinematic to the power of network), MAP (Mowing Action Plan), and OAS (Obstacle Avoidance System) with new innovations, setting a new benchmark for performance and precision in turf care.

Key Features and Technologies

RTKn Technology: The Kress RTKn mowers utilise a real-time kinematic network, eliminating the need for traditional powered antennas. This innovation not only makes the system immune to power surge damages, enhancing its reliability and resilience, but also avoids the extra costs and eyesores associated with line-of-sight aerials, this ensures the aesthetic and beauty of the grounds are preserved.

Mowing Action Plan (MAP): This feature optimises the mowing pattern for efficiency, ensuring complete and systematic coverage of the area.

Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS): Advanced sensors and algorithms enable the mower to detect and navigate around obstacles, minimising the risk of damage and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Slope Handling: Kress mowers excel on sloped areas, showcasing their exceptional performance even on uneven terrain. They are engineered to manage slopes of up to 20 degrees effortlessly, ensuring consistent and even mowing. This superior slope-handling ability sets Kress mowers apart, making them an ideal choice for groundskeepers and facility managers seeking robust and versatile mowing solutions.

Mega RTKn Models

The Mega RTKn models, such as the KR233E and KR236E, incorporate all the features of the Mission RTKn mowers with some additional enhancements.

Double Layered Blades: These blades are designed to produce fine clippings, even in dense turfgrass, promoting healthier turf.

Wider Cutting Width: With a cutting width of 13.8 inches, the mowers can cover more ground in less time.

TeamWork Collaborative Technology: This feature allows multiple mowers to work together seamlessly, further improving efficiency and coverage.

Build Quality: The robots are not only commercial-grade but also built for true large-scale operations. A top-quality build ensures robustness and longevity. Kress mowers not only perform exceptionally well but also feature a sleek Italian design, which ensure the visual appeal of the grounds is maintained.

By utilising Kress RTKn mowers, groundskeepers and facility owners can enjoy numerous benefits:

Unmanned Mowing: Significantly decreases labour costs and reduces energy bills.

Maintenance Savings: The durability and advanced technology reduce maintenance expenses.

Health and Environmental Benefits: These mowers provide a quiet, emission-free alternative to traditional mowing methods, contributing to a healthier environment and sustainability goals.

Investment Worthy:

The operational savings and health benefits provided by Kress RTKn make it a smart investment for any groundskeeper or sports facility owner. The efficiency, reliability, and technological advancements set a new standard in commercial turf care.

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