Kubota leads the way in the sub compact tractor market

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Kubota bx2350 Kubota is delighted to announce the introduction of the all new BX2350 sub compact tractor into the UK and Irish markets. Building on the legacy of the popular BX2200 which has been available in the UK since 2000, the BX2350 is a "ground up" replacement that offers even more power, durability, versatility and is packaged in a new stylish, user friendly design.

The "sub compact tractor" has firmly established a place for itself in today's tractor market due to its ability to meet the demands of a multitude of tasks from mowing and landscaping to heavy duty front loader work, whilst retaining a very compact size for outstanding manoeuvrability and agility.

Powered by Kubota's renowned E-TVCS liquid cooled, 3 cylinder diesel engine, the BX2350 packs a punch at 23HP. Not only does the class leading engine deliver power and torque reliably, it does this with reduced noise and vibration as well as using less fuel and emitting fewer harmful pollutants into the environment. The BX2350 engine also has reverse air flow, which helps reduce the risk of overheating, prevents grass from getting in the radiator grill and keeps the operator cooler.

The BX2350 is designed for long hours of continuous use, so the operator area and control layout has to be ergonomically sound. The HST transmission has a twin pedal configuration, making speed and directional changes smooth and easy, particularly useful for loader and mowing operations. The space in the operator area has been increased significantly without compromising the overall dimensions of the machine.

More floor space, the latest suspension seat and new control lever layout contribute to a more user friendly tractor and lower levels of operator fatigue. The BX2350 also has a 12V DC power outlet, so you can even charge yourKubota bx2350 bucket mobile phone whilst working.

The new instrument panel allows the operator to see the main tractor performance monitors at a glance. The fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge, digital hour meter and rev counter are also clearly visible at all times.

The BX2350 offers tractor functionality with the rear 3 point hitch and drawbar as standard, two auxiliary hydraulic valves are also standard, so whatever the application, the BX2350 has the solution. The hydraulic independent PTO is easily engaged and disengaged with a single lever, situated conveniently with other frequently used controls next to the operator, again offering better durability and reducing operator fatigue.

Hydraulic power steering is standard on the BX2350, so with a tight turning circle, it means that it is very agile which again, contributes to improved efficiency when carrying out any task. This feature truly comes into its own when you fit the Kubota LA243 front loader. The HST transmission, power steering and purpose built loader make for a formidable package.

The LA243 has been designed to follow the sleek lines of the BX2350, allowing greater visibility when carrying out loader work. The hydraulic loader valve has been designed as an integral part of the tractor unit, tucked out of the way under the main console and the control lever is situated perfectly at the operator's right hand. The hydraulic hoses are protected within the main loader boom and the attaching and detaching of the loader could not be easier, Kubota bx2350 stonewith the built in stand and quick release hydraulic couplers.

Kubota also manufactures the mid mounted mowers for the BX2350. Side discharge decks with 48", 54" or 60" cutting widths are available and Kubota also offers a 48" rear discharge that can be quickly converted to a mulching deck. With shaft drive from the tractor and durable multi drive belts on the deck, they give the consistent high performance that you expect from Kubota.
All in all, the BX2350 takes sub compact tractors to another level.

For further information on the BX2350 or the full range of tractors from 14hp to 125hp, petrol and diesel ride-on mowers and the RTV900 rough terrain utility vehicle available from Kubota, contact the freephone enquiry hotline on 0800 0231111, e-mail sales@kubota.co.uk or log onto www.kubota.co.uk
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