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Blowers 009The family firm have a major contract for the local authority, cutting grass on public paths over a twelve week period split into two six week cuts with a flail mower.

The varied terrain, high workload and tough vegetation means that a tractor mounted flail is the most efficient combination for this joband Tim Blowers of CDC Contractors relies on a Kubota STV32 purchased last August for tractor power.

"We had a Kubota STA before and the STV32 is the latest version," he explains. "The previous tractor lasted five years and did 2200 hours with no costs except servicing, so we knew we were getting a reliable, strong tractor, which is essential for this job."

The new model gives more horsepower but is still narrow enough to work on footpaths.

"There is plenty of power to drive the flail through tall or rough grass - in some parts it can be up to 60cm high and cover the extensive areas that we work across," comments Tim.

The three speed HST transmission is also highly effective for the grass cutting work, as he explains: "We're always working at the right speed - you can slow up when cutting a heavy patch of grass and then move on once you are through it."

Selectable four-wheel drive also copes well with wet areas and banks. In tighter areas, Kubota's Bi-Speed Turn feature helps to avoid turf damage, using increased wheel speeds to limit 'tyre drag' and scuffing over grass surfaces.
Tim's new tractor has also proved its versatility, being used for rotavating, power harrowing, sowing grass seed and pulling trailers on landscaping contracts outside the grass cutting season.

Dealer TNS provided initial servicing, but subsequent maintenance is done in house by CDC Contractors' own fitter and Tim comments that the Kubota STV32 is 'excellent to work on'.

Operator comfort also comes in for praise, with the tilting steering wheel and well-padded seat being easy to adjust for the perfect driving position for each operator.

Tractors are normally kept for four years, maintaining a good resale value. "This is an ideal tractor for the demanding work that we do," concludes Tim. "The performance of our previous Kubota tractor was outstanding and this STV32 is proving to be even better."

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