Kubota UK creates the perfect lineup with its premium L2 Series

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Take your performance to the next level this autumn with the launch of Kubota UK's new premium specification L2 Series tractors, designed to provide users with unrivalled levels of power, safety and comfort.

Building on Kubota's iconic heritage and build quality, the L2 Series offering includes 4 premium tractors, ranging from 37 to 62hp, with a range of features that enable the machines to easily tackle any task you throw at it.

The premium L2602 model is the range's standout out machine, featuring a redesigned engine for cleaner emissions and outstanding fuel economy, with a new grand cab for improved ergonomics.

The L2351, L2421, L2501 and L2602 tractors all feature an innovative electro hydraulic independent PTO Switch for easy use of implements, conveniently located on the side console and operated with a one turn start and one push stop mechanism.

Tailored to each individual's needs, the L2 Series is available with the choice of transmission and a choice or ROPS or cabin. FST is a traditional mechanical transmission with 16 forward and 16 backward synchronised gears.

For maximum power and performance, the HST Plus transmission is hyrdrostatic with 3 ranges and dual speed which provides a 6 range transmission. Additionally a stall guard feature ensures that the engine gives optimum power for all tasks, whilst the auto throttle ensure engine speed is relevant to the task in hand.

The L2501 is also available with GST transmission, a feature entirely unique to Kubota, which includes 24 forward and 16 reverse gears for clutchless change and clutchless shuttle for maximum operator ease.

The machines are compatible with Kubota's own high quality front loaders, offering a matched fit for first class performance and durability.

The models also boasts an impressive lift capacity of up to 1,750kg, and come complete with auxiliary hydraulics.

Taking this a step further, the new deluxe L2 Series features a range of extras, climate control, flat operator platform, ergonomic seat with air suspension and easy to access all controls for greater productivity and performance.

The L2 Series' cab design also features convenient storage compartments and a 12v aux socket for charging electronic devices on the go, whilst the intellipanel offers real time updates on the status of your machine such as travel speed and PTO speed.

At the end of the day when it's time to refuel for the next task, the L2 tractors feature a fuel tank fill alarm which tells you when the tank is full so as to prevent any fuel spillages.

Adrian Langmead, Business Development Manager for Kubota UK Tractor and Groundcare, said: "The new L2 Series is really making its mark on the groundcare industry. We at Kubota UK have been a sector leader for many years due to our unrivalled performance and comfort, but the latest L2 Series really takes this one step further.

"The L2602's new engine reduces emissions to make the tractor compliant with stage 5 emissions regulations, whilst maintaining a high level of power and torque. Kubota UK continues to be a leading force within the groundcare industry and we will continue to build on this heritage and expertise to create first class machinery for years to come."

For more information on Kubota UK call 01844 268000 or visit www.kubota.co.uk

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