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163_1996.jpgTrevor Smith, Golf Consultant in Dorset promotes unique Aerators to increase water quality in lakes and ponds. Most water features require on - going attention to lessen the likelihood of algae growth and to maintain an active and healthy environment for living matter. We are pioneering a move away from short - term chemical solutions that treat only the symptoms, we are targeting the underlying cause of most water management issues in a way that is environmentally accountable.

When an aeration system provided by Krystal Klear Aerators is implemented in your water feature you will be impressed with the improvement in quality whether your feature is used primarily for recreation, or for fish culture, fish are noticeably more active with higher dissolved oxygen levels. An oxygen diffusion aeration system can give your pond or lake a new lease of life. It will give you clearer and cleaner water. It will provide bottom to top circulation, which increases dissolved oxygen. This supports the natural processes that will clean up your water for you.

The Aerators can be fitted to either an existing irrigation system, or via a stand alone or submersible pump unit, which delivers pressurised water and air through interconnecting pipes creating large volumes of air bubbles, the air bubbles rise bringing the oxygenated bottom water to the surface. Resultant surface water movement also picks up more oxygen, further aiding the aeration process.

The diffusers are especially designed to produce mixed water and oxygen plumes that circulate to the surface. The diffusers are placed on the bottom of the pond (preferably in the deepest water), multiple aerators will be required depending upon the need of the particular body of water. In normal conditions one diffusion aerator is needed for every 25 Square Metres of water.

Recent installations.

In a fishing lake environment the fishing improves dramatically as sport fish are more active, even in the warmest weather, and they have an increased natural food supply. Areas of a pond or lake that have been restricted to aquatic life due to low oxygen will be rejuvenated - weed and algae will diminish as the organic material that they feed on is reduced.

If you wish to benefit from this effective, economical solution in solving your water feature problems and for information on supply or installation and prices please contact Trevor Smith:- Email or tel: 01202 824966 mob: 07884 338014

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